A blog dedicated to actor, singer, and songwriter Johnny Gallagher. He is best known for the roles of Moritz in Spring Awakening (which won him the 2007 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical) and Jim Harper in HBO's The Newsroom. Created on August 5th, 2013.

Johnny Gallagher- Rockwood 2- 2/26/14


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So this is last Weds.’ gig. If you’re not familiar, this is a different space than Stage 3- it’s more of a bar so people are talking. Not as quiet and clear as the other recent ones. Also this is a full band show.

Johnny- Lead Guitar, Vocals

Brian Delaney- Drums
Todd Caldwell- Keys
Rob Calder- Bass It’s much harder to hear the vocals when he plays with a band like this. So good luck with lyrics.

There’s only a little bit of “Those Wild Wild Woods” which is the last song— my phone was angry that I tried to take pictures while it was recording. Sorry. The song is around in its full version, I am sure of it. You can hear the arrangement of the band before it cuts out. (The photos are zipped in the folder for you to make album artwork. I’m too tired to do that right now.)

I did not go to the Knitting Factory gig so if someone has that? That’d be cool.

ALSO he did a few songs I haven’t heard since he played with Michael and Gerard so just prepare for that… I was not prepared.

(Comments or whatever are nice. I can see how many downloads it gets either way.)

Eta: The song labelled “Stay Out of Trouble” is actually “Lost Love”!


Tony winner John Gallagher Jr. plays a tune.”

I think broadway.com means Mountain Man Johnny Gallagher, but okay.

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John Gallagher, Jr as Cody in The Heart Machine (x)


Here’s a gem I forget I had — Johnny in “The Homecoming” - 1997


John Gallagher Jr — Spring Awakening OBC 2007

It’s not what my woman would want me to do / But I know nothing more than the God’s honest truth / And that’s: Baby, I thought of you. [x]